Food for Thought – Recipes

CCRW  – Food for Thought Recipes     Below are the recipes that were submitted by our Chefs – as given, in alphabetical order by recipe name.  Or you can download the full FFT Recipe PDF here with one on each page. Thank you again to all of our Sponsors, Chefs, “Eaters” in attendance and volunteers to make this possible for our candidates.
  CHICKEN POT PIE                                             Chef – District Clerk – John Kinard Makes 4 individual pot pies. 6 split chicken breasts, bone in, skin on. 3...
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Helping You Share on Social Media

Hey there, Kristen here, trying to help you share stories, pictures and things you find on social media or on the internet with your fellow Republican friends or here on the CCRW Facebook group page. So, I have created a video tutorial showing you how to share to CCRW FB Group page, to your own personal profile and even business page. Note: that most of this applies across Facebook and can be done elsewhere.. but thought this would help you.. help...
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Constitutional Amendments for Nov 2017

Please take a moment and become an informed voter. The following Constitutional Amendments will appear on the November 7, 2017 ballot Explanatory Statements for the November 7, 2017 Constitutional Amendment Election from Kathie Nenninger via   Please visit Texas Legislature Online home page to obtain further information. Proposition Number 1 (HJR 21) HJR 21 proposes a constitutional amendment that would permit the Texas legislature to expand the circumstances under which a partially disabled veteran or their spouse may qualify for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of part...
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Tx House and Senate have adjourned the Special Session

Sine Die: The Texas House and Senate have adjourned the Special Session A big THANK YOU to our legislators, Representatives Greg Bonnen, Wayne Faircloth, Dennis Paul and Senator Larry Taylor and their staffs for all of their hard work!  Call their office, send cards, make a visit to their district office, or thank them in person when they come to our meetings! Below is a list of legislation successfully passed during the special legislative session. ——————————————————————————————————————- Senate Bill 20 and Senate Bill 60 will...
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Effective Communication with Elected Representatives

Building personal relationships with members and staff improves success. Schedule an appointment with your Representative to talk about your issues. If possible, schedule meetings in pairs to show strength in numbers. Get to know staff members and open personal communications with them to follow up on issues. You should not expect to meet with any member other than your own Representative and Senator. Provide brief written materials and background research so the legislation can be more successful. Three P’s of Grassroots Lobbying Professionalism Dress and act...
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Hot Topics from the Texas House

How does a bill move from one chamber to another towards
passage? Once a bill passes the third and final reading from its originating chamber, it is engrossed and sent to the other chamber.  The bill then goes through virtually the entire process again.  The closer we get to the May 29th sine die deadline, time becomes of the essence to get these bills through that process if they are going to have the hope of passing. There are a few bills...
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Events & Meetings

March CCRW Monthly Meeting

March 2
League City 11:30 am - 1:00 pm La Brisa Mexican Grille More Info