In the fall of 1999, four Republican ladies came together to discuss the need for a Republican Women’s club in north Galveston County.   In January, 2000, the new club was chartered by Texas Federation of Republican Woman as North Galveston County Republican Woman.

At the first meeting they elected the club’s first officers.  Bonnie Norman became the first President. The following officers were elected:  Kathie Nenninger, VP Membership, Claire Worthington ,VP Programs, Susan Dill, Secretary and Sheryl Stevens, Treasurer.

At the second meeting, the newly elected officers voted to change the name to Clear Creek Republican Women (CCRW) to reflect the flow of the creek that traveled from Friendswood through League City.  They decided to hold  meetings on the 1st Friday of the month and set the time at 11:30 a.m.

The club began meeting at a little tearoom in League City, but the tearoom went out of business and was torn down.  They moved the meetings to South Shore Harbour County Club, then to Leslie’( Sundance II at Waterford Harbor.)  A few months later began meeting at Petronella’s restaurant.

After a year of  moving from place to place, President Bonnie Norman and 1st VP, Kathie Nenninger began searching for a more permanent place.  In 2001, the club began to meet at Esteban’s Mexican Restaurant’s Fiesta Shack.  The club continued to meet there until 2013.  In the Spring of 2013 it was determined that the club had outgrown the facility and needed more space and a search began to find a place large enough to accommodate the ever expanding membership numbers.

After meeting in a couple of facilities, CCRW finally moved their meetings  to La Brisa’s Mexican Restaurant in League City in January, 2014.

Since the club’s beginnings in 2000, CCRW’s goals have been to reach like-minded people who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and upholding the Constitution; and who believe that working together could change the political face of Galveston County to a more conservative government.  That goal was achieved in 2012, when almost every countywide office went to a Republican.

Events & Meetings

March CCRW Monthly Meeting

March 2
League City 11:30 am - 1:00 pm La Brisa Mexican Grille More Info