Texas Legislature

Ever wonder how you can connect with the Texas Legislature to find out what is happening with a bill that you are interested in?

Now is the time to follow committee meetings to shape legislation in the future. You can check calendars for meetings, sign up for alerts regarding the committees you follow. You can even watch committee hearings from your computers or your mobile devices. See the links to the House and Senate Committee pages by clicking below.

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Effective Communication with Elected Representatives

Building personal relationships with members and staff improves success. Schedule an appointment with your Representative to talk about your issues. If possible, schedule meetings in pairs to show strength in numbers. Get to know staff members and open personal communications with them to follow up on issues. You should not expect to meet with any member other than your own Representative and Senator. Provide brief written materials and background research so the legislation can be more successful. Three P’s of Grassroots Lobbying Professionalism Dress and act...
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Hot Topics from the Texas House

How does a bill move from one chamber to another towards
passage? Once a bill passes the third and final reading from its originating chamber, it is engrossed and sent to the other chamber.  The bill then goes through virtually the entire process again.  The closer we get to the May 29th sine die deadline, time becomes of the essence to get these bills through that process if they are going to have the hope of passing. There are a few bills...
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History of the Texas Legislature

I’d like to relay some of colorful history of the Texas Legislature from the past 171 years to present and share the top priorities of the upcoming 85th Legislature all in 5 minutes. The Legislature of the State of Texas, convenes its regular sessions at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd-numbered years. But do you know why the legislature begins on the second Tuesday? My former boss, Commissioner Jerry Patterson always told this colorful story.  “Back then folks had to...
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Bond to the CCISD Board of Trustees

And so we can continue… We finally have the 85th Legislature House of Representative committee assignments from Speaker Strauss after a month into the session.  I have noted these assignments to include our two Galveston County representatives and also our near-by Harris County representative as the committees overlap and provide our local area with additional strength. Their appointments are as follows: Representative Greg Bonnen (District Office (281) 338-0924) Appropriations Energy Resources Representative Wayne Faircloth (District Office (409)762-0304) Culture, Recreation and Tourism, Vice-Chair Rules and Resolutions Texas Ports, Innovation...
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